My Article on Music Supervision

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  1. Kevin’s avatar

    Thanks for the article, dream job for me.

    On a related note Ive been noticing quality music on TV commercials lately, (Andrew Bird, Decembrists, and Marvin Gaye’s version of Star Spangled Banner) which makes me actually watch some commercials. Do ad agencies hire people specifically for music contact purposes like a supervisor for a movie?


  2. George’s avatar

    Many of the larger ad agencies, Arnold, etc. have people in the creative department who pick the music for the ads they’re working on. That’s how we got the Nick Drake song in the VW commercial.

    Also, you have publishers pitching the ad agencies, etc.

    Good on ya for digging the sweet Andrew Bird. I’m proud to have had him on the label. Do check out his Daytrotter sessions.



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