Great article on REM’s web savvy

I’ve previously written about what an amazing job REM is doing with their online marketing approach. It seems others agree.

The always great has An Insider’s Look at the R.E.M. Web Campaign written by the designer of said campaign, Warner Music Group’s VP of Technology, Ethan Kaplan.

It’s a wonderful inside look at what can be accomplished when you have a very savvy and smart tech person working with a wildly creative, innovative, and unafraid band.

Mr. Kaplan sums it up perfectly:

While people cry for the old days of the music business, I find it exciting that we can experiment so willingly and easily (and cost effectively) with technology. The very technology people say would be the death of the industry is the very technology which provided REM and WBR the ability to stretch our boundaries, help a band reinvent themselves and drive our efforts forward in an easily reproducible manner.

Music isn’t a single line to product anymore, and 6 websites, over 3000 different content items and hundreds of thousands of visitors prove that.

[My emphasis].

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    Interesting post. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.



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