Opening .docx files while running Office 2004

I’ve been getting a lot of .docx files thrown at me as the semester begins. I’m still running Office 2004, so that infuriating little “x” on the end of the .doc was causing me no end of grief.

After poking around a bit, I discovered that Microsoft has released a fix (very un-Microsoft of them; frankly, I figured this was their ploy to get everyone to upgrade).

Here’s how to do it:
Make sure that your version of Office is running at least 11.5 (you can figure out what version you’re running by clicking on the “about” button on any Office app (Entourage, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). If not, download the updates needed to get you there. Here’s a link to 11.5.1. (Note: MS doesn’t make it easy for you to get up to speed with re your version. If, for instance, you’re running version 11, you’ll need to go back and find all the updates leading up to 11.5; 11.1, 11.2, etc.).

Once you’re caught up to 11.5, you can then download the Open XML File Format Converter, HERE.

After everything is installed (remember, you have to quit all Office programs prior to installing), you should be able to open the files that end in “x.”

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