Instapaper: Closest thing to Yojimbo for the iPhone

Instapaper is a fantastic app for the iPhone. It allows you to quickly add sites you come across on your iPhone that you want to read later on your home computer, or – and this is important – vice versa (that is, you can add sites you come across on your home (non- iPhone) computer to your iPhone, so you can read these later). Basically, it syncs between the two.

I’m doing a crappy job of explaining this. Here’s how the developer explains it:

Give it a whirl. The basic version is free.

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  1. receipt printer’s avatar

    the concept was almost the same with bookmarking sites, the only difference is that this one is working with iPhones.


  2. evelyntiffany’s avatar

    Yup. A sort of bookmarking option for iPhones. It's a great service. I truly believe will soon replace our big space occupying computers we have home with small, easy to carry phones. It's just a matter of time.
    Evelyn Tiffany – dedicated server programmer.



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