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Ok, the above was posted automatically to 9GS as well as my Flicker page, and Twitter all via sending an email to Posterous with the photo attached. You can elect to have your images (or whatever you send it: video, audio, etc.) posted to more or fewer places (minimally, to your Posterous page).

The set up was dead simple. I’ve never seen an api play so nicely with a WordPress blog.

This was really what I was trying to accomplish a couple of years ago with my ill-fated MyLinkr project. That is, a way to post links, photos, etc. very simply (that’s really what most blogs are anyway). Of course, I was trying to do other things (preference engine stuff, etc.). Ahead of my time, as usual /sarcasm.

A couple of things I’d like to see: It would be nice, for instance to add tags or categories by placing coded text in the body of the email; for example, if you could write @”tag” (replacing the word in between the quotations with whatever tag you wanted) to add tags, and -“category” for categories, that would thrill me to no end.

I need to poke around under the hood of Posterous a bit more, but, so far, I’m really, really impressed.

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