Good advice on what makes for a good blog

Really nice to read Merlin Mann’s 9 rules on what makes for a good blog. I say this, because as he lays out his rules it not only made me feel better about sometimes being vexed by his own blog (which I truly do love), but also better about posts like the one I wrote the other day on instrumentals. I clearly went down the rabbit hole of my own …uh… “unique” interests/obsessions and had felt a bit guilty about dragging you, dear readers, down with me. Alas, I shall lament no more (I also won’t break into vaguely Olde English speak/type anymore either).

Here is the rule that made me feel better about things, but all of them are excellent.

Good blogs are weird. Blogs make fart noises and occasionally vex readers with the degree to which the blogger’s obsession will inevitably diverge from the reader’s. If this isn’t happening every few weeks, the blogger is either bored, half-assing, or taking new medication.

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