Byrne, Eno, Topspin

David Byrne and Brian Eno’s most recent collaborative album is now available. You can listen (and embed on your own blog) HERE. Or you can listen right here:

The site is powered by TopSpin. I’ve written about TopSpin’s CEO, Ian Rogers, before, and while I’m pleased to see some of the innovations they’re making (and am certain more are to come), and am glad that he’s giving props to people like Billy O’Connell and his CASH Music, I gotta believe that certain functionality was left out in the interest of iterating (totally understandable, by the way).

Specifically, what I believe they will do shortly is, rather than just give people the opportunity to embed albums on their blogs, the bloggers will be able to be little retailers; i.e. sell the album from their blog, have TopSpin do the transaction in the background, and divide up the proceeds, with the majority going to the artist, a bit to the blogger, and ToPspin will get a cut for the transactional assist.

I’ve prattled on about this concept in too many blog posts to even link to them all at this point. We’ll see. Maybe I’m wrong.

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