It’s an Onion A.V. Club kind of night apparently. I like their list of “29 Terrific Instrumentals by Bands that Usually Sing.”

I was delighted to see not only my all time favorite instrumental, “Sandusky,” by Uncle Tupelo, but also a few others that aren’t real well-known but are great; such as, The Meat Puppet’s, “I’m a Mindless Idiot” and The Red House Painters’, “Cabezon.”

Certainly the list would have been better with REM’s “Rotary Ten” or “New Orleans Instrumental #1.” (Or, while strictly speaking not an instrumental, it’s hard to top the evocative “Underneath the Bunker.” Or – better still – the little interstitial interlude on the LP and cassette of Reckoning (I think it was called “Left of Reckoning” (I know that’s the name of the film…but…my albums aren’t with me…anyone know what I’m talking about?)).[*]

Clearly, I’m a fan of the instrumental, and have actually written many myself. Here’s one:


And now, to hear how the pros do it, here are the Meat Puppets:

And, of course, no list of instrumentals is really complete without this one from that other band from Ga.


[*]OK, this isn’t it, but I’m honing in on it. Does anyone know what this is, by the way (it shows up for just a few seconds on the Left of Reckoning section of REM Succumbs. It’s haunted me forever:

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