My dear friend Tanya’s father is a wonderful cook, and an Italian. He taught me how to make puttanesca many moons ago.

As I live in a vegeterian household, and puttanesca requires anchovies, I don’t get to make it often.

Tonight, the cat was away….


Many anchovies (use good ones, and use like ten per person)

Some San Marzano canned tomatoes (don’t use some crap canned tomatoes; find these) – half a can for 2 people

Couple cloves of garlic

Some good olives

Some capers if you have them

Some chopped onion

Some grated parm reg


Some of the good red wine you’ll drink with it

While your water is boiling for your pasta, pour the oil from your anchovies into a sauté pan.

Add your chopped garlic, onion, anchovies, olives, and capers

Cook over low heat until the anchovies dissolve and the onions, etc. are cooked

Add some wine

Cook down the wine until it’s about half gone

Add the tomatoes

Make a ceasar salad

Stir the sauce

Add a ton of salt to the water you’re cooking your noodles in; cook the noodles

When they’re done, use tongs to get the noodles and some of the pasta water in the sauce. Stir


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    That Sounds interesting, I agree with you.Please keep at your good work, I would come back often.



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