Kings of Leon: Leveraging the Tech

You can grab a new KoL song for free by heading to their site.

“The rub?” you ask. Well, you have to give them your email address.

It’s still a relatively low cost to get the mp3 (note to KoL: why not include the cover image or some other information (release date??) with the download file so that when people import the song into iTunes/iPod/iPhone the listener sees something other than the generic musical note “cover?” You’re missing an opportunity here, methinks).

Via this technique, KoL, of course, builds their email list, and can leverage this in multiple ways.

Bands always ask me if they should “give” their music away. What they’re really asking is should they not charge anything for their music. The answer is that they likely should not charge for some of the music, but they should always get something in return if they are “giving” it away.

Most often the quid pro quo is an email address. The reality is that if people are unwilling to part with their email address in order to receive “free” music, you likely don’t want that person’s email address anyway.

Remember, it’s OK to “fire your customers.” Just as you are expected to provide value to your customers, they must be providing value to you; get rid of those who aren’t and focus on building stronger relationships with those who are.

Cool song, by the way.

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