“She Was the One”

I’ve never been as huge a fan of the “perfect songcraft” of writers like Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Chris Stamey, Peter Holsapple, Graham Parker, etc. As a younger man I always felt that I would “get” that stuff later in life. As an older man, I’m still way more of a fan of emotion and imagery than I am “song craft” (even that phrase sort of bugs me). I like big chords and imagination far more than chords with sevenths and ninths and lapidarian lyrics.

All of that aside, this song by the aforementioned Stamey & Holsapple on their very fine Mavericks record (which came out when I was still a younger man) is about as perfect as they come. It occurred to me that I needed to hear this song when I was listening to the song of the same name performed by Joe Higgs.

The two “She was the One[s]” could not be more different, but I love them both.

Which do you prefer?

Stamey & Holsapple

Joe Higgs09-she-was-the-one

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  1. Eric Stone’s avatar

    i must be part of the later in life crowd, george. i gotta say though, higgs passed my 30 second test.

    perhaps it was the fact that i was raised on marley and garcia and i sensed some fusion of the two, perhaps not.

    either way,

    thank you.



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