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We packed up my pie, a bottle of wine and headed to the annual Martha’s Vineyard Slow Food potluck. While I love the Slow Food movement, and its values align very closely to my own, I hate potlucks. I had sort of deluded myself into thinking that because this was a Slow Food potluck it would be different…wrong. I don’t mean to sound cynical, and perhaps my luck with the pots was just bad, but it only affirmed my belief that most people can’t cook.

It seems to me that if the emphasis is local ingredients prepared with care and respect, (and said local ingredients, at this time of year on the Vineyard, are pretty darn good), the results should be equally good. Not so. Lots of strident combinations of things that people say they like, but don’t really (cold pasta -badly cooked- with random herbs and vegetables; gooey quiches…you get the idea).

By far the best thing there was Katama oysters on the half shell. I put a little lemon on them, and – for a moment – the world was right.

We had to leave before the desserts came out, and I forced Marci to sneak back into the kitchen and grab me a piece of the blueberry pie (with local blueberries and butter) I made.

All of that said, it was a wonderful event, and I was psyched to see people out en masse considering such a premise as Slow Food.

I missed Michael Pollan’s keynote, but I bet it rocked.

The best part was hanging with Marci and the kids, and watching them run through the fields:

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