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I’m constantly shrinking URLs. Often it’s because I worry that a long link in an email will get broken. Other times it’s because when I Twitter something the functionality in Twitterific or Twhirl doesn’t do the trick – I feel better just doing it myself.

However, it’s a drag to go to some url shrinking site, then copy, then return to whatever Twitter/email client your using and paste.

Even the revered Quicksilver doesn’t provide a great solution (that I’m aware of).

So, I’m happy to report that I’ve found a good workaround. If you go to THIS page, you’ll see a bookmarklet you can add to Safari or Firefox.

Here’s a screenshot. Just drag the text in red right to your bookmark bar:

Now, when you’re on a web site with a long URL that you want to share, just click the “Shorten with is.gd” (or whatever you named it) bookmarklet. It’ll take you to the is.gd page (which is a pain – wish you could just stay on the page you were browsing), and copy the shrunk url to your clipboard so you can paste away.

Not perfect, but not bad.

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