Oxford American “Best of the South” issue

Having been born in NC, and spending two-thirds of each year in New Orleans, I have deep feelings for the South. Therefore, I naturally love me some Oxford American.

It’s a really great magazine that’s literate, entertaining, and musical.

Their current issue is the “Best of the South,” and comes complete with a DVD. Here’s how they describe the contents of the issue:

“…superheroes, the wildest river in America, jailhouse cuisine, skinny-dipping in the Big Easy, two larger-than-life world explorers, a Texas con man who discovers the biggest oil field in America, war art from the front lines, the best damn football book, and a detailed guide to thrilling events and sights you won’t want to miss on your summer road trips.”

Here’s a teaser for the included DVD:

Oxford American Best of the South DVD #2 from Oxford American on Vimeo.

OA’s description of what you’ll see on the DVD:

Get ready to be blown away by some rare and never-before-seen clips. See Elvis warming up the mike in preparation for his greatest performance ever. See lost footage of one of the most influential rock bands in music history: Big Star. (Gathering dust on the shelf until we polished it up for this DVD, these beautiful images were shot by Big Star guitarist Chris Bell and bassist Andy Hummel.)

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  1. Warwick Sabin’s avatar

    Thank you for the kind words about The Oxford American! I hope you enjoy the new issue and DVD. Great blog!

    Warwick Sabin
    The Oxford American magazine



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