not a bad summary

My four year old daughter, Annabelle, took this photo. In some respects it sums up a lot about my life. I’ve annotated it.

1. A pretty crappy cocktail book, but Annabelle likes the pictures of the blimp-shaped shakers.

2. This would be a Nancy Drew mystery entitled “The Hidden Staircase.” Annabelle very much likes these books even though they’re geared for kids about 5 (or more) years older than she is. Brings back lots of memories of my Dad reading Hardy Boys to me.

3. A good biography of Sonic Youth called Goodbye 20th Century. It was recently selected by Crawdaddy as one of the “Best Books on Music of the Last Six Months,” and is recommended as summer reading.

4. Chez Panisse Caf̩ Cookbook. One of the many great books from Alice Waters; not just one of our greatest chefs, but Рnot kidding Рone of the most important people of the last century.

So….Cocktails? Check. Music? Check. Kids stuff? Check. Obviously missing a few things (some books on economics, for instance, and wine would probably be more apt than cocktails), but for an unplanned mosaic…yeah…about right.

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