smart use of Twitter

The amazonmp3 store continues to impress me. I recently wrote about what they’re doing with re variable (read: cheap) pricing, but today – thanks to Gruber – I discovered that amazon mp3 is embracing Twitter.

If you opt to follow the amazonmp3 Twitter (and why wouldn’t you), you’ll be alerted to the various deals they’re running.

This is smart. I’ve been telling bands and companies for some time that they really need to leverage tech to stay in closer contact with their constituents/customers. Twitter is a great way of doing so.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you might want to check out this video explanation, and/or some of my thoughts.

I find myself liking Twitter more and more, and seeing a ton of interesting applications for it (this amazonmp3 use is a great one).

And…by all means…sign up to follow me on Twitter.

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