YouTube gets into the paid distribution game

I’ve been saying for a long-ass time that the future of content distribution is from passionate users (mavens, whatever) who not only write about the stuff they love, but are able to handle transactions for these things they write/blog about and love.

For instance: you have a blog, you blog about a band you like, you make the song(s) you blogged about available for paid download to your readers, some of your readers – who trust you, or they wouldn’t be readers – go ahead and pony up the $, you (the blogger) keep some small % and the rest goes straight to the band (or band’s representative(s)).

Certainly this requires some infrastructure, but dear Lord we can fly planes…it seems like we could skin this cat.

Well, the cat is getting nervous, methinks.

Valleywag is reporting that YouTube, “…will be launching the “Screening Room,” a place for independent filmmakers to upload and sell shorts and feature-length material.”

Right. Fair enough. So far this isn’t terribly different from what Amazon et al. have done…except. YouTube really is YouTube because of how they have made it their mission to allow all the videos on their site to be shared from wherever. You want to put a video from YouTube on your blog, it’s an easy embed cut and paste away.

(By the way, this is truly viral marketing (people at least one step removed from the source passing information along to others); anything short (i.e. people passing something from the source) is really just an electronic version of word of mouth.)

So…I would guess that this selling of videos won’t be limited to some sort of “store” on the YouTube site for long. I would wager that YouTube will handle the infrastructure needs, and soon lots ‘o people will be embedding and selling videos from their blogs.

Could be wrong, but does it sound far-fetched? Nah.

Just wish someone would do it for music. Hmmmm.

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