Interesting article on the buying habits of different demographics

9GS reader, Jakomi, shot me over a very interesting article that discusses why it is that labels continue to neglect a large population of potential music buyers by focusing on 14-24 year olds.

The article’s author makes a good point by emphasizing the amount of revenue that publishing generates for labels, and how this too stands to fall off precipitously should this marketing focus (or lack thereof) continue.

This is something I wrestle with a lot. I do some work for Wolfgang’s Vault, and I truly believe that the passionate users of that site are wildly interested in discovering new music in addition to hearing fantastic versions of songs from artists who they’ve loved long time.

In some respects, the partnership between Daytrotter and Wolfgang’s Vault speaks to this hypothesis.

Ultimately, I think the blog post really just shows yet another reason why the old-skool labels are failing: continuously failing to innovate; continuously neglecting customers. It’s easy for me to toss out indictments, and I’m sort of tired of doing so. In some respects the majors are fucked no matter what they do; make an acquisition: get criticized; fail to make an acquisition: get criticized. At a certain point, however, they must damn the torpedoes and define a set of constant values, and run their businesses in alignment with these values. Until this happens, it will just be constant churning.

Thanks to Jakami for the link.

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