REM set list

Below is the set list from the first date of REM’s tour that started in Vancouver last night. I’m going to see them in Chicago in a few weeks. Dear Lord let them recreate this set list (and add in: Begin the Begin, These Days, and…oh what the hell: Kohotek, Wolves, Lower, Wendell Gee, Harborcoat, and Walter’s Theme…a man can dream).

Can’t believe they played Ignoreland. Not sure they’ve ever played Ignoreland. I’ll be delighted if they keep Time after Time in the set list. Some of the others I hope they play in bold.

1. Living Well’s the Best Revenge
2. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
3. Ignoreland
4. Second Guessing

5. Gardening At Night
6. Man Sized Wreath
7. Disturbance At The Heron House
8. Hollow Man
9. Accelerate
10. West of the Fields
11. Houston
12. Electrolite
13. Losing My Religion
14. Time After Time (annelise)
15. Let Me In
16. The One I Love
17. Country Feedback
18. Bad Day
19. Walk Unafraid
20. Supernatural Superserious
21. Sweetness Follows
22. Get Up

23. I’m Gonna DJ
24. Man on The Moon

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  1. Red Rock Chris’s avatar

    Looking forward to a set like this at Red Rocks on TUE.


  2. Jeff’s avatar

    Seeing this list makes we wish I’d gotten a ticket here in Chicago.


  3. San Francisco dj’s avatar

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that Time after time really deserves to stay in the list. Hearing the intro of that song alone takes me back to the carefree years.


  4. Pool Repair’s avatar

    I really like there songs especially “Bad Day”..
    In the picture above, I wonder if it's made of concrete…



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