Eric B

While my summer listening theme seems to be revolving around Vampire Weekend (who my kids – ages 2 and 4 – absolutely love) and Drive By Truckers’ latest (I’m trying to determine which of the two is a more apt soundtrack to the rural cum wasp-y Vineyard (frankly, such is my personal bifurcation)), it’s always important to reflect on what got you where you are.

To wit:

It’s amazing, whenever hip hop comes up in the classes I teach, and I assert my avuncular refrain of “it ain’t what it used to be,” and the students roll their eyes, I retort with dripping sarcasm: “Yeah, you’re right, Soulja Boy is as good as Eric B and Rakim.” Without fail, the eyes roll back to laser focus, and quiet nods of reverence ensue. My students – they know what’s up.

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