May 2008

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I was sort of mildly kicking myself yesterday for saying that I “hate that shit” with respect to blog posting to fill a quota, instead of saying, “very un-Dude.” I’m trying not to cuss so fuckin’ much.

Well, as if the gods wanted to hand me a gentle reminder, Pop Candy highlighted this piece on said Dude.

I’m kind of not too into the intellectualizing of Lebowski (though I’m certainly guilty as hell of doing it; give me a few caucasians and I can rhapsodize ad nauseum about how Lebowski is a direct descendant of Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe, etc.), but it sure is nice to hear the lines they pull, and a little of the back story (though no new revelations here), and ending it with TVZ signing Dead Flowers is nice.

As to whether or not the Dude would listen to npr (or National Public Radio, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing)…I see him more as a fan of Phil Hendrie – when he’s not listening to either CCR or tapes of bowling matches, of course.


the dwight speech episode is one of the finer “Offices.”

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