Glen E. Friedman

chuck 3

I could not be more honored to now be the owner of a print of the above image direct from Mr. Friedman. (The scan above does not even begin to do justice to the beauty of the print, and, of course, the print doesn’t have the (c) notice running through the middle.)

To say that PE was an important group to me is a massive understatement; and, certainly, the importance of PE to music/culture/politics is undeniable.

If you’re not familiar with the work of Mr. Friedman, you really should check it out. Likely, you’ve seen a ton of his images, and just not known they were his. To wit, this from Wikipedia:

He is perhaps best known for his work promoting rebellious artists such as Fugazi, Black Flag, Ice-T, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, The Misfits, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C., KRS-One, and Public Enemy, as well as old-school skateboarders such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Alan Gelfand, Duane Peters, and Stacy Peralta.

Here’s a pretty good little doc on Mr. Friedman:

Certainly, Mr. Friedman’s work is of the same caliber of other music photographers like Jim Marshall and William Gottlieb, but I’d say that Mr. Friedman’s work also is in line with photography greats such as Ed Ruscha and William Eggleston (whose work Mr. Friedman’s will hang beside in my home).

Many, many thanks to Ian Rogers for connecting me to Mr. Friedman, and I’ll make the same offer Ian did: if anyone is seriously interested in talking to Mr. Friedman about purchasing his work, shoot me an email, and I’ll connect you.


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