Kaki King

[Update: Please be sure to scroll down after the Kaki King video, to check out Stanley Jordan]

Last night my wife rented some abomination of a movie, called August Rush. As I sat next to her working, and trying to ignore what was going on in the movie, my attention was directed to the screen (or more precisely, the speakers).

Upon hearing some fantastic guitar playing happening in the movie (the kid in the movie is some kind of guitar prodigy), I turned to my wife and said, “That sounds like Kaki King.”

A short Amazon search later resulted in the affirmation that, indeed, this was the playing of Ms. King. Not to sell my musical recognition prowess short, but it really couldn’t have been anyone other than Ms. King. No one plays like she does.

My friend and colleague, Mike King, turned me on to her years ago, and I’m delighted that she’s still doing her thing, and hope that the movie brings her more of the attention she so deserves.

To wit:

Kaki King – “Bone Chaos In The Castle” (Tripwire Acoustic Session) from The Tripwire on Vimeo.


In a comment, below, L’Nyr rightly brings up the debt Kaki King owes to Stanley Jordan. I should have noted this in my original post, as Mr. Jordan was a huge influence on me when I began playing guitar.

To get a sense of the lineage, check this out:

Thanks, L’Nyr!

  1. L'Nyr’s avatar

    What about Standley Jordan? I don’t know much about either but I thought she was interesting. Passed it on to my father who is a jazz musician and thats who he thought of. I’ll have to check them both out more.


  2. George’s avatar

    Yeah, you’re right. Stanley Jordan did/does a similar tapping thing. I thought about him as I was writing the post, and should have mentioned it. thanks for bringing him up.





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