BoDeans go indie and succeed

While we hear a lot about Radiohead, NIN, etc., going the DIY route, it’s nice to get a report of a band with a lower media presence succeeding on their own terms.

A student of mine sent me the link to this story about the BoDeans’ approach. Here’s a salient blurb:

To “run” the label, the BoDeans have put together a team of indie firms like OarFin, Koch, Under The Radar, Songlines and Moxie Star to handle various aspects of distribution, radio promotion, publicity and marketing with the band itself in control.

I know and have worked with some of the people the BoDeans are working with, and they’re excellent operators.

The story shows that it still certainly takes a team, and the only thing that slightly troubles me about this approach is that it seems like they’ve just built the functionality of the labels via a coterie of indies. This is OK, but that system – whether done by a label or indies – is fundamentally flawed. That’s not to say that what they’re doing is wrong, it’s just that I hope it’s not a complete picture, and that there are more innovative approaches going on to compliment these more traditional approaches.

Thanks, Matt!


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