Wall St. Warriors on Hulu

In the introduction to Business course I teach I talk with frequency about the capital markets. I get LOTS of questions from students about how they should start trading. My short answer to this is, “you shouldn’t.” My slightly longer answer is for them to paper-trade for as long a period as possible (but no shorter than a year), while reading some sensible books on the subject. This has been good advice for any longs this year.

I recently came upon a series that seems like it might be of interest to my nascent Wall St. Titans. It’s called Wall St. Warriors.

From what I’ve watched, it seems an informative and entertaining, if a bit of an optimistic, show.

Equally interesting is that you can watch the series (and many others – including movies like The Big Lebowski) with limited commercials on the beautifully designed Hulu.com site. The site has just moved out of private beta. It really shows how these type of ad-supported content delivery mechanisms can work well. I love it.

Check out episode one of Wall St. Warriors here:


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