Schooly D

schooly d

When I was in SF I went to Amoeba (natch). While I found lots of great stuff , the one thing I really wanted, but could not find was the first record from the great Gangsta Rap pioneer Schooly D. I even asked the ever-helpful employees, and they were at a loss: “Hard to get that stuff.”

I figured I could find it online, somewhere. Wrong. It’s as if it never existed.

Apparently, Schooly is doing some soundtrack work (Adult Swim), but the albums just aren’t there.

Dude invented Gangsta Rap long before NWA popularized it, and I frankly think he single-handedly transformed rap from sort of a joke-y genre (Sugar Hill gang, etc.) to something far more serious. To use a tired analogy, he was the Stones while most other rap at the time was the Beatles.

One way or the other, you can’t get it…anywhere. I may need to remedy this, but until that time you can hear his finest moment, the still-haunting “PSK,” form the first record, on (God help us), MySpace.

Give it a listen while I try to find my copy of the photo above upon which Schooly autographed, “To Gorge” (sic) when I was in 11th grade.


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