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I was in SF over the weekend, and was able to catch some pretty amazing music during the Noise Pop Festival. If you missed the fest, Wolfgang’s Vault will be streaming audio and video from just about every performance in the very near future.

My top 3:

Watching Kristin Hersh do a Daytrotter session. What can be said about Ms. Hersh, who is unquestionably one of our most important artists. I’ve been a fan since 12th grade, and yet I literally (not joking) had goosebumps (or, as my 3-year-old daughter, Annabelle, calls them, “boose gumps”) watching and listening to her. The Daytrotter session should be up soon.

Not only was Monotonix’s set one of the best I saw at Noise Pop, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. This three-piece (vocals, drums, guitar) from Tel Aviv played with such un-ironic ferocity that it made me (and everyone else present) believe that Rock and Roll was still very much alive. Hard to describe how great they were. This video helps, but doesn’t quite get the massive Sabbath-riff mayhem:

On a completely different note, I loved the smart pop (think a CA version of Teenage Fanclub, but better) of The Weather Underground. Fantastic songwriting and musicianship.

Noise Pop 2008 reminded me a bit of SXSW c. 1995 – great music, not a ton of attitude, not a ton of irony, not a ton of industry. Really great.
Oh…and man is SF a beautiful city.

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