Sunday Morning Geek Out: send an Entourage email sans mouse use

These are things that delight me – I know, it’s sad.

Here’s how you can send an email using entourage without taking your hands from the keyboard:

1. Invoke QS
2. Type in however many letters you need to get to the person’s name you want to email; hit return
3. Type your subject line
4. tab to the message body; type your message body
Here’s the step that prior to this morning’s epiphany eluded me, and which keeps your from having to use the mouse at this point to move the cursor up the “Send Now” or “Send Later” button on Entourage and click…
5. Hold down the Apple/Command key and hit “Return” to send now or hold down shift and the Apple/Command key and hit “Return” to send later.

Once done, the email message goes on its merry way, and you’re back to doing your thing with minimal interruption of work flow.

Here’s a little video I made that may help:


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