Reflections: a week with Twitter


About a week ago ago, I said I was going to give Twitter a try. I had tried it a while back, and it didn’t do much for me. After a week’s worth of use, I can definatively say that I’m a convert. I love it. I see the wider implications for artists, etc., and I just generally think it’s a great app.

The caveat is that Twitter without the following wouldn’t work for me all:

The QS script I mentioned here

Without the above, I just don’t think I’d take the time to go to my Twitter home page and enter my tweets. With these tools, any time I see something of interest, using the above, I can get it out there to the Twitter-shpere in about three keystrokes.

I’ve been evangelizing about Twitter a bit, and am delighted to report that you can now subscribe to the Daytrotter Twitter feed: here.

Other Twitter feeds I’d recommend are:

Guy Kawasaki’s
npr’s (they went crazy with the Tweets during last night’s debate).

If anyone has some more I should know about, let me know.

I really love the way it’s so much easier to blast out simple little observations, links, etc., without the “formality” of a blog post. To that end, I’m going to re-arrange my sidebar, and elevate my Twitter feed. This may mean that I make blog posts a little less frequently, but I’ll be posting many more links – all of which can be found in my Twitter feed.

If you’re a reader of this blog, I urge you to “follow me” on Twitter (just click the badge). I’ll reciprocate by following you, and we’ll keep building the community.

If you’re an artist who isn’t using Twitter to let your community know what you’re up to – you should start.


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