Google v Yahoo


An unfair fight on so many levels, yet this blog post really nails it with respect to Google’s pervasive commitment to clarity of mission.

I try to articulate the importance of this to small-ish companies and bands, and it’s hard for even these relatively small groups to get their heads around the concept. All the more impressive that a company of Google’s size does it so well.

Here it is:

Instead, those guys have done a remarkable job (with the help of many around them) of building a core set of principles and ideas that embody what Google believes and how individual products can serve Google’s mission. This codification and notes from discussions as to how it was applied in each case are then shared liberally throughout the company. In most cases while big decisions are being made, in addition to 6-12 senior executives at the table engaging the presenting team, there are usually 10 or so junior people in the periphery of the room watching and learning from the exchange as well. If that isn’t enough, the triumvirate is available on stage at the weekly TGIF all-hands meeting to close any gaps in understanding.

[via Daring Fireball – I think??]


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