Tools for organizing the stuff you find online


I gave a lecture yesterday in my management class, and was exhorting my students to explore the web beyond Facebook/MySpace. I recommended that during those moments when they feel they have reached the end of the Internet, and are looking for something new, that they need certain jumping off points and organizational tools in order to grab random bits of information, as well as urls to sites that they find interesting.

I told them they needed to be Alice, and go down the rabbit hole looking for technology that aligns with their projects/goals, and – of course – avoid the tech that doesn’t.

I started rattling off tools such as, iLike, StumbeUpon, and Yojimbo (most of which are mentioned here with some frequency on 9GS) as useful apps to help them collect/discover information.

Well, as Pynchon-ian things tend to go, today I came upon (via a good article describing online information gathering.


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