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The jury is still out here at 9GS HQ with re Twitter. I’m trying it, and there’s something compelling about it, but – eh – just not sure.

If, however, your convinced that up to the minute updating of your activity is imperative, this very nice script makes it super easy to update your Twitter feed.

You’ll need the free Twitter client, Twitterific.

Once you have it loaded up, just paste this script into your script editor:

using terms from application “Quicksilver”
on process text tweet
tell application “Keychain Scripting”
set twitter_key to first Internet key of current keychain whose server is “twitter.com”
set twitter_login to quoted form of (account of twitter_key & “:” & password of twitter_key)
end tell
set twitter_status to quoted form of (“status=” & tweet)
set results to do shell script “curl –user ” & twitter_login & ” –data-binary ” & twitter_status & ” http://twitter.com/statuses/update.json”
— display dialog results
return nothing
end process text
end using terms from

…and put it here: ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions as Tweet.scpt.

Now, invoke QS, hit the “.” to enter text, type your update, and tab to “tweet” to post right to Twitter.

It’s all nicely described here.

Certainly makes it even easier to get the minutiae of one’s life out there.

I do think that for artists Twitter has some purpose. You could, for instance, use it as yet another way to keep your fans clued in to what you’re doing. Why, on the other hand, anyone would want to know what I’m doing on a minute by minute basis…who knows.

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  1. Jeanine Guidry’s avatar

    I love Twitter – it took me a while to warm up to it, but now I really love it. I use it to keep in touch with my band members – I usually only see them at rehearsals and shows, and this makes me be a part of their lives in a more intense way. I am also starting to use it to send out announcements for blog updates and show announcements.

    And by the way – I love reading your tweets! It makes me feel more connected which is great if you work from home like I do. I enjoy both the personal updates and the links you tweet. So please keep tweeting. And of course you are welcome to follow me as well 🙂 (www.twitter.com/offering)



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