Fantastic interview with Patterson Hood from Drive by Truckers

drive by truckers

Flagpole has an interview with the leader of one of the greatest bands going today. Mr. Hood is not reluctant to speak his mind. Check out his thoughts on the status quo of the music business:

We didn’t want all this typical “music biz” bullshit going on. So we turned in The Dirty South early, which of course ended being our best-selling record. But they were pissed because it fucked with their two-year cycle, and that was kind of the beginning of the end between us and them, here three albums later. And [there was a] constant battle about side projects and solo projects. They were not at all happy about us doing the Bettye LaVette record, which ended up getting nominated for a Grammy, and that’s really going to help this next record because that’s all happening just as this next one’s coming out. It’s like stuff that can help out the band and its profile. I’d like to find some entity with access to really good distribution where we can piggyback what we’re doing onto that. I think we’re in a position where we can pretty much get whatever we want.

I particularly like the penultimate sentence of that quote, and hope they find a great partner in order to get the music out on their terms. They deserve it.


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