Always Be Closing

alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin, who stars in one of my all-time favorite movies (and one I believe should be required viewing for all business students), Glengarry Glen Ross has a great post about the ongoing writer’s strike in the Huffington Post.

Some salient quotes (pay attention those in the music business):

On one hand, the writers are cursed because they are right on most issues but they are awful negotiators. They got screwed in 1988 and expect the buyers to make up for that, like some kind of reparations. That will never happen.

The studios have a different problem. They are owned by huge, creativity-deadening corporations and operated by lawyers and marketing executives who lord over the worst creative decline I have witnessed in a long time…

And a solution that I dearly hope comes to fruition:

I want the WGA to set up a website and on that website we can all post stories about every no-talent, idiotic, amoral producer and executive we have ever dealt with. Just like they do to us on shows like Extra and sites like TMZ (owned by Warner Brothers.) Set up a website and tell the entire world, via the internet, your own anecdote about some of the witless boobs you have endured in Hollywood and beyond. The strike will end in a week.


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