Digging Sandy


Sandy is a very well put together task list/reminder web-based app.

Basically, you sign up (it’s free), and get your unique email address to which you send to do items you want to keep track of and be reminded about.

For instance, I know I have to start writing a piece for Artists House tomorrow, so (using Quicksilver) I shot off an email to my Sandy address that looked like this:

Remember to start ah guide tomorrow morning @artists-house

From this email, Sandy found the significant words “remember” and “tomorrow,” created an item, and will send me an email tomorrow morning. The “@artists-house” thing is a tag (anything that follows the @ symbol – though, frustratingly, you can’t use multiple words unless they’re hyphenated).

The tagging aspect not only brings this into a GTD realm, but it allows you to get email updates based on specific items. For instance, as I add more Artists House items to my Sandy account, there may come a time when I want to see all of them. So, I just send an email to my Sandy account with the subject line “Lookup @artists-house.” Moments later, I get a detailed list emailed to me of all the items I have tagged with @artists-house, as well as the associated due dates, etc.

There are many more features to Sandy; including the very cool feature of using it to alert others to shared tasks simply by CCing them on an email to you Sandy account, as well as sending you reminders to your phone.

I believe Sandy will be very, very useful. It’s a beautifully executed app!


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