Smashing Telly

Aside from being bummed about no new “The Office” episodes, and slightly miffed about no new Letterman/Stewart, I could really give a rat’s ass about the Writer strike (though I do hope it works out swimmingly for everyone).

What I predict will happen, however, is that this strike will just be yet another nail in the coffin of TV. There are (of course) substitutes out there, and now that people have greater incentive to find them, it’s going to make it all the harder for people to slink back to the outmoded habits that TV demands once the strike is over.

In terms of alternatives, I’m completely delighted by Smashing Telly.

The site pulls together full-length programs, and organizes them in a very approachable manner. Most importantly (and this is – again, of course – the lesson for all media today), the site acts as a filter to help you determine what to spend your most scant of resources on.

I’ve spent some time on the site, and find it astonishingly well filtered. To wit, this great video on Factory Records:

You must – must, I say – go to the “Music” section on Smashing Telly. In addition to the fine doc on Factory, they have:

This doc on an analysis of the 40 songs of John Lennon’s personal jukebox:

And…and the heretofore pretty much impossible to find Dylan “movie” Eat The Document:

There’s much more too: Origin of Hip Hop, Nina Simone, The Smiths (oh, here – here’s the Smiths:

I want it on my blog anyway).

And all of that is just in the music category.

This is an amazing site.


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