The virtues of small via 37signals

I’m slowly working on a new book tentatively titled “Shrink Your World,” about the importance of focused strategy. As usual, much of my thinking aligns clearly with that of the fine folks at 37signals (makers of excellent productivity and communication tools, and publishers of the excellent Getting Real book).

They’ve recently started a feature on their blog called “Ask 37signals.” In answer to a question regarding what big, risky decisions they’ve had to make, they present really great advice about the rationale of breaking down larger decisions into “atomic” particles:

Making tiny decisions doesn’t mean you can’t make big plans or think big ideas. It just means that we believe the best way to achieve those big plans/dreams/ideas is one tiny decision at a time. Tiny decisions allow for easy course correction. Changing your mind about something small is a whole lot easier than changing your mind about something big. When’s the last time you really changed your mind about a big decision? It’s rare on your own and ten times as rare in an organization when other people are involved.

Additionally, they drop some science on the importance of bootstrapping:

We’ve always believed that outside money is plan B. We believe in bootstrapping, self-funding, and making your customers your investors.

Check out the whole article here.


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