Radiohead memory stick and sales data

radiohead memory stick

Radiohead continues to leverage technology to connect with current and new customers. Available from their webstore is a:

Strictly limited edition 4Gb USB stick, shaped in Radiohead’s iconic “bear” image and housed in a bespoke deluxe box. Contains all seven Parlophone albums (including one live album) available as CD quality WAV audio files. Also contains digital artwork for each album.

Also we’re starting to receive some data regarding Radiohead’s name-your-own price experiment for In Rainbows. reports:

…thirty-eight percent of those who downloaded the title indeed chose to pay something, while 62 percent kept their change in their pocket.

The most common amount offered was below $4, but 12 percent were willing to pay between $8 and $12, around the typical cost of an album from iTunes.

Regarding those cheap-bastards (I keed, I keed) who decided to pay nothing, my sense is that these people never would have paid anyway (i.e. they either would have downloaded from a torrent site, or not bothered at all). Therefore, the experiment was still a massive win for Radiohead, as they were (still are) sort of all anyone is talking about, and they likely converted some people who were on the fence to become revenue participants (vi buying tickets for live shows, etc.).

[Thinks to John Worthington for the link to the article.]


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