Critical Metrics

Critical Metrics is a very interesting (if unfortunately named) site focused on dealing with a problem I’ve been wrestling with forever; basically that the algorithms that iLike and and amazon, et al. use sort of suck.

BusinessWeek’s story on CM puts it this way:

Current CM competition, like iLike and, are dominated by what Anuff terms “social metrics”: They mostly point out what other music the fans of your favorite band dig. “I don’t think they’re garbage,” says Anuff, but “I don’t believe [social metrics] have the same level of authority” as critics’ opinions. For this reason, he says, they do a poor job of solving “the programming problem every single purveyor has: How do you turn anyone on to new music?”

This is the holy grail for music in some respects, and I’m frustrated that it’s taking so damn long to figure it out. I think CM brings us a step closer.

[found via my favorite new blog, fistfulayen]


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