Productivity With Safari

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I prefer Safari to Firefox. There, I’ve said it. I know that I’m not supposed to feel this way, but I do. I also prefer Entourage to Apple’s Mail. Again, I know there’s something profoundly and deeply wrong with me, but there it is. I also really like anchovies.

If there is anyone else out there who has similar preferences (perhaps you have the other side of the locket I’ve been looking for), you might be interested in these very useful “plug ins” for Safari from J.Y. Design/Resources. I (hopefully correctly) put plug-ins in quotations, because Safari doesn’t really “do” plug-ins (hence many pimp-loving people’s affection for Firefox). So, these productivity tools aren’t really plug-ins, but they do make Safari even more useful than ever.

For instance, by dragging the “mail” link to your bookmark bar, you can then just click it, and a new email opens up with the link embedded in your message. Similarly, clicking on the “print” link pops open your print dialog.

[Update: No real reason to use the “print” bookmark, as you can just drag a print button in from: Safari/View/Customize Address Bar.]

Another very nice Safari time-saver is Twicetab! (their exclamation). With Twicetab! installed you simply double click on a blank space in the Safari tab bar, and a new tab is created.

These may seem minute, but if you multiply the amount of time you spend every day making extraneous mouse/keyboard gestures, they really add up.


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