A bunch of buzz about a simple GTD-esque organization tool called TaskPaper.

I’ve been using it in the beta stage for a while, and do like it. It’s elegantly simple, and allows you to create contextualized (via the use of tags) projects and next actions.

It’s devoid of any real bells and whistles, and I frankly find this refreshing and helpful. I’ve been sort of frustrated by iGTD’s wonkiness recently, which seems a result of it’s overly-feature rich structure.

Here’s the basic workflow:

    •You create a project by typing in the name of the project and adding a colon at the end.
    •You create a new task (action) by beginning the action with a dash.
    •You tag (contextualize) the task by typing the @ symbol immediately in front of the tag you want to
    associate with the task.
    •When you complete a task you can click on the bullet next to the task to generate a (satisfying) line
    through the completed item.

Try it out with a 30-day free demo, and if you dig it, it’ll set you back $18.95


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