if GTD is daunting, check this out…

Getting Things Done, and specifically David Allen’s work on this topic, is a central focus here at 9GS.

However, even with my 10 Minute Crash Course on GTD, some people feel that the system is a bit too rigid/demanding/doctrinaire.

To these people I suggest checking out this post which hits a number of GTD principles but from a perhaps more accessible angle. Specifically, the idea of breaking projects (though they don’t use the term “projects”) into small, manageable steps is very closely aligned to the GTD next action methodology.

Additionally, I’m delighted by the exhortation here to get those dreams you have for things you want to accomplish out of your head and into some tangible form; even if that’s just writing the idea down. This is a crucial step in concrete your ideas, and beginning to move them forward, and it’s something I stress in my writing and teaching on entrepreneurship

Certainly worth a look, though I don’t think it’s a substitute for the GTD system.

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