Left Brain / Right Brain

spinning dancer

I’m always intrigued by discussions on this topic. Certainly maximizing productivity requires understanding how your brain works, and how best to align your tasks with your strengths.

While I believe we each have innate natural abilities that tilt towards stereotypically left or right brain tendencies, I don’t like people feeling limited by which side of the brain they use most. I work with a lot of very creative people (right brain), but I teach in a business school (left brain), and I see daily the crossing between the two lobes.

That said, when I look at the spinning dancer found here, it’s 100% clock-wise (right brain) for me.

What do you see?

  1. Eric Klein’s avatar

    When I first looked at it, it was counter-clockwise, then it shifted to clockwise. I thought it was a trick at first. But then I stared at it for a while and am now able to quickly make it go either direction. That kind of makes sense to me since I’ve always felt both creative and business savvy. Very cool. I’m reading Daniel Levitin’s book called This is Your Brain on Music right now – and anything having to do with brains, memory, and music intrigues me. Thanks for the post, Eric



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