From the Stacks: Good Earth by the Feelies

feelies image

It finally feels a bit like fall down here in New Orleans. There are few better soundtracks to the fall than this unbelievable record by the Feelies (Automatic for the People is certainly another contender – the nexus, of course being that Pete Buck from REM produced “The Good Earth”).

I can’t overstate how important this record is and was to me. In college there was probably not a week that went by where we didn’t bang out impromptu versions of their songs. Greg Jacobs, the drummer for the band I was in in college actually recently admitted to me that he was pretty much channeling the Feelies when we played; check out his most excellent current band, Verona Downs.

This is not simply a walk down a leaf-strewn memory lane, however. As with prior “From the Stacks” selections, The Good Earth holds up extraordinarily well. I urge you to check it out.

Here’s a sample:
feelies let’s go
the Feelies “Let’s Go”

Also, and I’m sad to say i just found out about this, but Feelies founder, Glenn Mercer, has a fairly recent solo album out called Wheels In Motion.

I shall be checking this out post-haste.


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