October 2007

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Too long of a rabbit-hole to go down to explain Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) at this point, but it’s a concept you need to begin familiarizing yourself with.

So far they’ve primarily been used for movies and TV shows (Lost, for example). There’s one emerging for the new Batman movie here. For the past week, when you visited the site, you were greeted by a Jack-o-lantern slowly flickering away and decaying. At midnight (get it, Halloween), the candle went out, and was replaced by the message you see on the site now. Hunting around on the site leads you to an exhortation to take pictures and send them in — this participation is a crucial element of ARGs.

I bring this up not because I care that much about the new Batman movie (though I kind of do), but because I firmly believe that the methodology being used in ARGs will be how savvy marketers begin promoting music in this new Rainbow age.

My money is on, Billy O’Connell, the brilliant manager for Throwing Muses to lead the way.

airport security
(Doesn’t the above picture make you feel “headache gray”)

I recently mentioned my frustration at how uncivilized travel has become, but this pretty much seals it.

The items that are confiscated — you know, dangerous things like my Kiehl’s gel and little girls’ batons — while one attempts to get through the security gauntlet on the way to the travel compartment — are ending up being sold on eBay.

With this type of entrepreneurial zeal, we’ll doubtless be seeing many innovations in airport security in the near future.

[via Daring Fireball]

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