Please keep doing that thing you do

wes anderson

In a decent piece on the director Wes Anderson in New York magazine, Mr. Anderson is quoted as asking his collaborators: “Okay, am I doing too much of a ‘thing I do’ here?”

All I can say is…keep doing what you do.

I get so bothered by people/critics who take pokes at artists whose work is so idiosyncratic that it’s clearly neither meant for nor going to appeal to everyone. At this point, you should definitively know if the movies of Wes Anderson are for you or not. If not…cool. I just see no reason to critique this type of art. I’ve heard people, for instance, complain about Coen Brothers movies, or even Hitchcock, or Woody Allen.

It applies to music, of course, too. Not crazy about some of Dylan’s records? The new Magnetic Fields not doing it for you? Uh, ok. Perhaps you just shouldn’t bother, but please don’t critique.

I feel that even the “worst” work of these types of artists is better than 99.9999% of the alternatives.

We should be grateful these people are making the art they make. The alternatives ain’t so good.

Sorry for the rant.


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