Google completes the suite

I’ve long said that government intervention is unnecessary with respect to Microsoft’s monopolistic tendencies. Rather, their inability to innovate and provide value for their customers would do the trick just fine. My example has been the way Google has gradually developed applications that are more efficient than Microsoft’s and…free.

It began with Google Desktop Search, which effectively obviated the need for searching your files using MS’s function. It then continued with Google Documents and Spreadsheets; answers to MS’s Word and Excel.

In addition to being easier to use than Word and Excel, these Google apps had the advantage of being share-able. This was a massive innovation, particularly for a Spreadsheet program—anyone working on a group project knows how impossible it is to keep track of updates to an Excel spreadsheet. Did I mention that these apps are free.

The one hole in Google’s suite of apps was an answer to the dreadful PowerPoint. If ever an app needed upgrading, and the ability to be modified easily by contributors it was PowerPoint.

As of today, the hole has been filled. Google has introduced Presentations. It’s getting harder and harder to justify the use of any MS apps.

Check out the instructional video, and move away from the Death Star:


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