The Continuing Adventures of Bloggers as Retailers

schoolly d

Way back in January I wrote a post about how I believed that the music business would largely be saved by content filterers who became retailers; i.e. bloggers selling the music they write about.

This trend is still emerging, and while the financial elements have yet to congeal (frankly, until the credit card companies make it easier for micro-payments to occur, it’s going to be hard for this to gain much traction), content filterers are continuing to emerge as the new distributor.

To wit, Pitchfork Media has made available a very cool Pitchfork Mix from Diplo. The mix is wildly inventive and eclectic, and includes one of my all-time favorite artists (and the only rapper the label I used to run ever signed), Schoolly D.

Certainly, the recent Apple/Starbucks (unholy?) union represents a great leap forward when it comes to content filterers being able to sell music (I prattle on about this at some length on the Artists House site), but I think that it will – eventually – be real filterers, with real points of view (such as Pitchfork), who will be best positioned to capitalize on this coming trend. One could argue that they already are capitalizing on it even while not charging for the download via selling ads somewhat on the back of this type of content.

We’re getting there.


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