September 2007

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ffffound image

Ffffound! is sort of like, but for images.

While this is a neat idea, in and of itself, what I find compelling about it is that – as yet – it’s a fairly closed network, and thus the quality level is very high. As a member you’re only given one invite.

I very much enjoy just trolling through the images that the members have collected, and – again, because Ffffound! tightly controls who gets to put images up – I’m not inundated with a bunch of crap when I browse.

It has me thinking: could a concept like this work for music.

I’ve been blathering away for a while now about how I believe the future of the music business is bloggers (or other “mavens”/filters/whatever) being set up in a manner to not only expose people to the music they love and write about, but to be compensated for doing so (via a piece of the purchase price), and given incentive to do so because the back-end system insures that the artists will receive their fair share as well.

We’re starting to see this emerge in little fits and starts. It’ll get there. I’m actively working on getting it there myself via a number of projects.

However, I think that a music version of Ffffound! might just have some worth; i.e., instead of the users putting up the images they come across and find compelling, they post mp3s of the music.

If it truly is a controlled group of people – not the madding crowd – all of whom have a vested interest in keeping the system operating at a high level (and thus use some discretion with their one invite), you could create an amazingly varied and high-level collection of music.

Something for me to ponder. Thoughts?

I’m very excited to see where Greg Rodrigue’s new venture, Community Records, goes.

Greg is the mastermind behind the New Orleans Ska band Fatter Than Albert, and has deep understanding of music and the music business. I’m certain what he comes up with will be artist-centric and innovative.

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