Worth Hearing: Feist


I resisted joining the Feist bandwagon. I just didn’t think what she was doing was that great. I listened to the records, and was just left kind of…eh.

This changed my opinion:

It’s really not the massive (and, to my ears, bombastic) choir — comprised of people from such bands as Grizzly Bear, Mates of State, National, New Pornographers, and likely random Brooklynites she bumped into — that made me re-evaluate my feelings on Feist.

Rather, there’s something about the way she phrases the emphatic moments of the song that I find very compelling. It’s the whisper being more powerful than a roar approach, and I like it very much.

I shall now take another shot at the records. Certainly not the first time my initial impression of something has been wrong.

  1. HeirVolkman’s avatar

    Seriously, that is an amazing video clip. I had heard Feist on the most recent CMJ compilation, and was blown away by the song. I’ll have to take a gander at the album I guess. The first time I had heard it I wasn’t too impressed with her singing style, but it has grown on me after a few listens. She is a great singer.



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